Monday, May 20, 2013

Whoever told you prints don't mix, lied.

Express dress, scarf, bracelet, Dolce Vita boots from Urban Outfitters, Target knee socks, Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Wild Orchid

Leopard print is essentially a neutral.

Today I'm beginning my first series on disproving fashion myths. There are a few recurring statements I often hear when I'm putting together looks for clients. Through these series I'm hoping to help you rethink some of these misconceived notions you've been led to believe in the past. I will be refuting the statements with "Whoever told you blank, lied."

Whoever told you prints don't mix, lied. 

Leopard is essentially a neutral. This is an easy one. I say essentially because nothing in life is really ever a  sure thing, but leopard/cheetah can work with almost any other print. It doesn't only go with black, brown, red, or white, it also works well with neon stripes! If you're just starting out, be careful when pairing it with other animal prints. I'm not saying it can't be paired with other animal prints, but this is a more advanced skill, which I promise I'll get to! Also, avoid overloading on leopard, because you can wear all black or nude tones, which are also "neutrals," but if you wear all leopard, you'll look like an animal. Don't be afraid to pair your leopard print accessories with a different pattern. It's a great way to introduce print mixing into your style!


Photography by Madison Leeseberg

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