Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whoever told you prints don't mix, lied.
Use different size prints.

J. Crew Factory shirt, Anthropologie skirt, Steve Madden flats, Urban Outfitters ring, earrings, and nail polish in Crowded, My Grammie's necklace, Bracelet was a gift from a friend's trip to Ethiopia

For the last introduction installment to the series Whoever told you prints don't mix, lied, we're looking at using different size prints to complement each other. These two prints are different colors, and although they are in the same family in this situation, the look would still work if the shirt was a red or yellow print. Prints can work well together if they are different sizes. The floral pattern in the skirt is a much larger scale than the gingham shirt. If you're just learning how to pair prints, a classic gingham or plaid shirt is a great place to start. Black accessories with this navy skirt might be a sneak peek at my next Whoever told you... lied. series!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and took the time to reflect on the real reason we have the privilege of enjoying a relaxing three day weekend!

Photography by Madison Leeseberg

1 comment:

  1. LIARS!!! Love your blog, you beautiful and gifted lady! You're making me look good, one lie smashing at a time.
    (Currently I'm wearing Chicago Cubs shirt + Washington Nationals shorts as a tribute to the "whoever told you different teams dont mix, lied" future blog)