Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lumberjack lady

Urban Outfitters men's shirt (similar), amour necklace and midi rings, Anthropologie necklace,  Express camo flats, scuba leggings, earrings (in black diamond), bracelets: orange leather & rhinestone, chevron (in silver), studded (similar), rose gold rhinestone set

A good flannel shirt is one of my favorite things about the cooler weather. Although I've worn this men's buffalo plaid for a couple seasons, I still love it. As the temperatures start to drop, I look forward to the moment when fall's arrival is clear and I'm able to break out the flannel... And then continue to cozy up in it all winter long. 

One of my best friend's sense of humor and compassion greatly outweighs my fashion expertise, and while she does an excellent job of appearing put together, sometimes she carries out my advice in an unexpected manner. When I first snagged this shirt, I told her how much I loved it. Apparently I needed to clarify the importance of sizing because she promptly went to Goodwill and bought an XXL men's flannel (mine is an extra small)… and she struggled to comprehend the difference in our snuggly shirts.

Since it is technically a man's shirt, I like to pair it with some unexpected feminine accessories, but for this look I tied in a few different vibes. In case you can't tell, I'm really into loading on the jewelry right now, more specifically bracelets (ok & necklaces too, but that'll show up in some future posts.) I think it's a J. Crew thing. Gobs of jewelry is kind of encouraged, and I kind of don't hate it. The camo flats with the red men's flannel shirt may have just been for my own ironic-on-purpose snickers, but that's why I chose to break up the look with pleather leggings, an attempt to keep from looking like a full blown Midwesterner. No offense. Y'all are great.

Speaking of the Midwest, can we take a minute to acknowledge how quickly fall sped into winter? Like for reals. I mean I love snow in December, and if it's gonna be freezing cold, there better be snow, but I feel like the pretty colors of fall (& my favorite season) were here for .5 seconds. Meh. Here's to not seeing the ground again till March. Or June.

And a little preview of an upcoming post: this is what happens when you invite a friend (&client) along for a photoshoot….


Photography by Sarah Howells

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