Saturday, December 21, 2013

When the whoever told you worlds collide: Whoever told you black and blue clash, lied & whoever told you prints don't mix, lied.

Anthropologie top, Express leggings and ring, Target scarf and flats (similar), Old Navy stacked rings,  Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Ravish Me Red

Picture this: It's Saturday morning. You are going for brunch, coffee, shopping, who knows… And you want to be casual, comfortable, and cute. Whatcha gonna wear? (I imagine you saying this in your head like "Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters!")

You know you want to start with leggings. Leggings are like the Saturday uniform right?
(These are my sweater leggings and I LOOOVE them. They're like a cozy warm sweater for your legs. Trust me, your winter wardrobe is incomplete without them. Your toasty gams will thank me later.)

Next, you want to wear a simple & comfy top. You think "ok, this one is so soft, and while it's just a long sleeve tee, the lace detailing at the hem makes it special. Elevated tee. Done. Still comfortable and this is working for me."

You continue: "If I remember from Britt's blog (or styling sessions), leopard print acts as a neutral, and accessories are a great way to incorporate it as such, so I think I'll wear my leopard flats today. Plus, it feels safe because it's leopard with black, and just one subdued color... And these studs are freakin' sweet." Man, I'm teaching you so well. I feel like your thoughts are starting to sound familiar here.

You move onto accessories: "Obviously no weekend wear is complete without a scarf, and Britt says polka dots are a great complement (not compliment) to stripes. This scarf is navy, so the mixed prints work well because I'm working with the same color family. Great! …..Wait. This scarf is navy… and my leggings are black… what do I do now?!"

Britt's verdict: WEAR IT! Black & navy = neutrals. Neutrals always work together.

Ta da! Casual chic weekend wear. Done. (This would also work great for a comfy holiday travel outfit… Just saying.) Now it's your turn: What staples do you turn to on your casual weekends?

Photography by Madison Leeseberg

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