Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lily & Sparrow Boutique

Remember that boutique opening I went to last month when I wore this? Yeah, let's talk about that wonderful place.

Lily & Sparrow is a new women's boutique that just opened in Fishers, IN. The owners, Jen & Steph, are the sweetest believers you will meet. They have such big hearts and are so genuine and caring. They really want their storefront to be a place where all women feel welcome and comfortable, and they hope that their merchandise will be an opportunity for each individual's inner beauty to be embraced and reflected outwardly. I have enjoyed getting to know them and hear their passions for creating an encouraging environment for women, as well as supporting the fight against human trafficking. Their giving spirit is really demonstrated in that before they ever got this boutique up and running, they committed to donate a portion of their ongoing profits to Center for Global Impact, "a faith-based relief and development organization designed to creatively connect financial and human resources with people who desperately need them." You can learn more about CGI and donate on their website http://centerforglobalimpact.org.

The space is filled with light (figuratively and literally), and is exquisitely designed. The boutique offers fun unique pieces, as well as classic staples to build your wardrobe. They also feature 31 Bits jewelry and accessories. Every purchase from this company supports women in Uganda and helps bring them a better life. If you haven't heard of 31 Bits and the work they do, please visit and explore their site: http://31bits.com.  Their well-rounded work is absolutely incredible.

Currently, Lily & Sparrow Boutique does not have a website where non-locals can make purchases, but they do take phone orders. So if you see something you like posted on their Facebook or Instagram, you may call to order it.

Jen & Steph also allowed me to play with their merchandise and come up with some fun looks to share with you. If you're local, you should definitely go check this place out. They're open 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday.

I believe this boutique is truly special. These women are following a passion and promise clearly laid out before them, and I can't wait to see how they're blessed in doing so.

* This is not a sponsored post. I whole-heartedly support Lily & Sparrow Boutique on my own free will.

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