Sunday, May 4, 2014

#StyleMeApril Days 13-21

Now that it's May 4th (um, what?), I have one more post following this one to wrap up #StyleMeApril. Just. Keep. Scrolling.

Day 13: "Born in the wrong era" / Day 14: "Easter bun" / Day 15: "Lovely lace"
Yes, I nailed a 3-in-1. I'm seriously uh-bsessed with these pants I got at Lily & Sparrow. They're super comfortable, and the print is so pretty. I'll have to feature them another time to showcase more of the details. This headband has been my go-to for dirty hair days. The neutral print means it goes with everything, right? The boutique also just got this bag in. It would make a great carry-all for summer. I only borrowed it for this photo, because obviously it's perfect for this look. I mean, c'mon. Thanks @lilyandsparrow! (Have I mentioned how much I heart this boutique? #shoplocal) Born in the wrong era = 60s. Easter bun = obvious. Lovely lace = this top that I like so much, I own it in black as well. Oops.

Lily & Sparrow pants, headband, and bag / Express top (sleeveless version) / Anthropologie booties (I like these) /  Forever 21 earrings (similar enough + cool tribal pattern)

Day 16: "Maxi moment"
This post is basically #StyleMeApril, Lily & Sparrow edition. I borrowed a few looks that I put together for them, using the Style Me April prompts. Here is their gorgeous model (& sweetheart!), Carly, of Make Fresh Salon, looking fab in this bright empire waist maxi.

Lily & Sparrow

Day 17: "Girlie in green"
I would like to offer a cheers to the witty Hilary Rushford. Thank you for cleverly putting the green prompt on the 17th. When I wore this, someone at work actually told me I was in the wrong month. Happy belated St. Patty's Day!

J. Crew skirt, and belt / J. Crew Factory shirt / Express flats (similar) / Lily & Sparrow necklace / Forever 21 earrings (similar)

Day 18: "Literary heroine"
I utilized my only sort-of-drop-waisted dress, as well as other art deco shapes and patterns, with gobs of jewels, for a look influenced by Daisy Buchanan. "Gatsby? What Gatsby?"

Urban Outfitters dress (similar to the one shown below) and heels (totally 20s) / Anthropologie necklace (pretty pretty) / J. Crew necklaces / my Grammie's headscarf

Bonus: Flashback to a 20s-themed lawn party last summer, where I also wore my best flapper attire:

Day 19: "Sporty chic"
When I saw this prompt, I knew I had to utilize this top from Lily & Sparrow. It's a great blouse to have in your wardrobe to off-set all of your girliest pieces. With its athletic vibes, the options for ironic pairings are limitless. It's been a super popular item, so if you want one (& I think you do...), make sure you call the store to order it. You're welcome, whoever takes my advice. And if you happen to miss out on this particular piece, I recommend picking up a sporty-spice item to incorporate into your wardrobe for the win. (Skirt is now on sale too!)

Lily & Sparrow

Day 20: "Easter best"
Last year on my first Easter with Mr. Charming, we were sitting in church waiting for the service to begin when he leaned over and whispered "So does this mean it's officially sun dress season?" I laughed and assured him it was. (I was wearing this dress... And now after reviewing that post, I really miss my summer tan.) Even guys can agree nothing says "Spring has arrived" like a floral chiffon maxi dress on Easter. Can I get an amen?

Lily & Sparrow

Day 21: "Little miss sunshine"
Real text message this month from none other than my photographer, Sarah: "Can I wear white jeans even though it's not Easter yet?" Yes, you can. I believe the days of "rules" have passed. I usually use weather as my guide, but even then I think it's possible to pull off "winter whites." Onto sunshiny days... By the power invested in me as a fashion blogger, I am officially deeming citron as the color of the season. That is all.

Lily & Sparrow

Congratulations! You made it to the end! Now only one more lengthy #StyleMeApril post to come tomorrow...

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