Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall for florals

Lily & Sparrow Boutique jumpsuit / Urban Outfitters blazer (black knit blazer) / Target heels (similar) / Nordstrom necklace / TJ Maxx bracelet (cool cuff on sale at Nordy) / Michael Kors watch / Vintage clutch from my Momma (this one is pretty) / Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry

Ah, fall. My absolute favorite time of year. These leaves were so stunning, Sarah and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot here. Of course, that did mean my heels acted as "litter sticks" and I had to clean off my spiked leaf collection before those shoe shots. 

Typically, I am anticipating boots, scarves, crisp leaves, and a little chill in the air signaling the beauty of Fall. Arguably, it is the best season for fashion, and it is certainly my favorite season for fashion. It's my favorite season, period. However, this year I'm not sure if it was the brutal never-ending winter we had, that I was encouraged to dress "Fall" for work since July, or the mega mild summer never pushing me to yearn for chillier days, but this Fall I was more sad to see summer go than I have been in the past. Although, I definitely haven't minded the warmer days that have held on. By mid October, however, I was finally able to give in completely and fully embrace my favorite season. Because what's not to love about crisp days, layering up, breathtaking colors, and of course, footballl?! (Here's to more Wilt wins through the rest of the season!) I have yet to eat a caramel apple, though. What's wrong with me? And now it feels like the leaves are falling, Halloween is making a move, it'll be my birthday before you know it, and I'm over here like "WAIT! What happened?" So I better make a jump on enjoying what's left of the best time of year with a Fall floral before I'm sitting under an evergreen tree. 

Florals aren't just for Spring anymore. With the right styling and accessories, it's easy to fall for florals. I previously showed this jumpsuit on my Lily & Sparrow Boutique edition of Wished by Britt, and obviously I have already indulged in my favorite item. Which one should I go for next? I love this jumpsuit because it's actually quite a versatile piece. I dressed it up, as seen here, for a work party recently, but I look forward to showcasing it in a more casual look another time.

Now where's my caramel apple?

Photos by Sarah Howells

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  1. love, love, love the jumpsuit! and the lipstick color is perfect! defiantly have to pick that up the next time i'm at the drugstore :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's a great color! Must have!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!! You have such incredible style!!