My Outfits

2.26.16 Fair isle Friday

2.24.16 Think pink

11.25.15 Snapshots: Fades of Fall & a Happy Thanksgiving

11.10.15 Hearts of gold

11.9.15 Monday mixed prints

10.23.15 This weekend in sports

7/14/15 Simply shifty

6/2/15 White on

12/10/14 Black watch & yellow
10/28/14 Fall for florals

9/9/14 White hot after Labor Day

9/4/14 "A reason (or two) to celebrate

4/29/14 "Matchy matchy"

1/10/14 Rough around the rosy edges

12/21/13 When the whoever told you worlds collide: Whoever told you black and blue clash, lied & whoever told you prints don't mix, lied.

12/17/13 Lumberjack lady

11/22/13 Paper planes

9/17/13 Lace place

9/16/13 Baby you're a fire-twerk

8/13/13 Accessorized to the maxi

8/9/13 Whoever told you black & blue clash, lied

7/11/13 Colorfloral

7/8/13 Eye hearts mint glam

5/28/13 Use different size prints

5/23/13 Pick up similar colors in different prints

5/20/13 Whoever told you prints don't mix, lied

5/8/13 Sugar, spice, and everything nice

5/3/13 Here we go! (First post)

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